Wednesday, 16 August 2017

French Knights for Crecy.

My contribution to The Bodkins Crecy demo game, at The Other Partizan next Sunday, is relatively modest compared to the other players. I have bulked out some very old mounted French knights which I did about 20 years ago with some additional bases.

These are mainly Foundry riders on Front Rank mounts, which with a little bit of judicious cutting and filing, seem to fit Ok despite the horses being big sculpts. The horses are nice active poses and so create the sense of movement of charging French nobility needed for the game - plus they also fit those that David Imrie and Matt Bickley have done.

So 12 bases of knights charging recklessly to their fate, and 4 bases of passive Front Rank figures awaiting in the vanguard . Much of the painting has been done at some speed to meet the deadline and I've made liberal use of LBMS transfers on 1st Corps shields, whilst avoiding heraldic beasts where I can. Conversions have been kept to a minimum too, apart from adding some plastic visors and headswops.

If you're going to the show, please do come along and say 'hi', it's always great to meet blog followers.
I will take photos and do a posting about the game.

...also I have some surplus Foundry caparisoned horses, if anyones interested...!!



Will McNally said...

A splendid contribution, a shame Newark is a bit too far away. I would like to see the game.

Phil said...

Just amazing...too far away from France, but enjoy!

Chrisfigurines said...

Utterly fantastic display of medieval splendour and heraldry Simon, top notch paint work and basing!

Robbie Rodiss said...

Top quality painting, well done.

Unlucky General said...

That's an awful lot of complex painting on display. Well done. One of the advantages to my earlier Lewes project is in my mid-thirteenth century period the heraldry is simpler. I think you've got the most complex in this period. Keep the faith and soldier on - we are all loving this.

jimbibbly said...

Excellent work Simon :-)



caveadsum1471 said...

Lovely work, really nice job on all that heraldry!
Best Iain

Dez said...

I'm in SHOCK! I take off my hat ... with my head !!!

Sir Able Brush said...

I saw your game at The Other Partizan - had a quick chat with one of you. The figures were simply stunning. Great work and thank you for sharing it.

Merlin Douglas Larsen said...

Fantastically entertaining display. Love the hapless Genoese crossbowman being ridden over. Looks like that Frenchie is going to take a swipe at him. Five of the front line of men-at-arms are down or going down in various poses of distress. Not only is this a clever approach to a topic-specific project, the painting is really, really good.

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