Sunday 9 November 2008


The mainstay of my collection will be from the Perrys 'Agincourt to Orleans' range - indeed these are the inspiration for the diversion from other collections that are currently on the back-burner. These figures, like other Perrys, are fantastic - anatomically spot-on and historically accurate.

Although the range is one of the smaller ones, currently at 33 packs, it is a 'live project' for the Perrys and I understand from Alan that he'll shortly be adding peasants, artillery and soldiers with scaling ladders. Most of troop types for the period are covered. Perhaps with the exception of the longbowmen, most figures are universal in attire and arms and so can be painted up as French, English, Burgundian or Scottish.

In addition to the Perrys, other manufactures with figures that can be pressed into service are Kingmaker (now under new ownership with a commitment to extend the range), Front Rank and selectively from the older Citadel/games workshop Bretonnians (from the 1980s and whilst they are for the later fourteenth century I intend to use for the non-noble ranks, where dress would not have been so frequentkly replaced with latest designs, as with arms & armour). I'm hoping that when painted and based, these other figures will merge relatively seamlessly - we'll see.

To denote the main protagonists my intent is to take selective figures from the various packs. For the french figures will largely be in attacking/advancing positions, whilst the English will be static/defensive figures, reflecting the typical English tactic of adopting as stronger defensive position as possible.

On flags, whilst some will need to be painted by hand, to obtain the cost of arms that I need for the gentry and captains of contingents, the period is already supplied with the high quality Little Big Man Studios, who to date have banner sheets and pavise transfers and the peer-less GMB, who do Agincourt commanders' flags for both sides.

Now, must be time for some painting....