Saturday 6 February 2016

Perry Miniatures - new Agincourt plastics!

As I'm sure everyone knows, Perry Miniatures have two more plastic boxes ready for release later this month both for the Agincourt/English territorial expansion of 1415-30 - one of French infantry and the other Foot Knights (mixing sprues from the English and French boxes). I had a request from Alan to paint up a few of the test figures he'd received and assembled from Renedra last month.

The figures are excellent, as we now have come to expect from Perry plastics. Not only is the sculpting very detailed and the arms & armour well researched, but plenty of planning and thought has gone into these - alongside the others in this range - to maximise the opportunities for creating loads of variations. Also the poses for these figures are more active than the English box - reflecting no doubt the typical tactical approach of the two armies. Here's a few pictures I took myself before they went off to PM.

I will be getting these to add to my French - and of course now await the French mounted knights plastics with great anticipation. 

I'm hoping to expand my French army as I'm going to reprise the Agincourt game that I put on at Salute, at the Armouries in Leeds on 23rd & 24th April, when the Agincourt diorama is moving to its final resting place. A weekend event is being organised and more information can currently be found here.