Friday 25 March 2011

"..Send three and four pence"

Or in other words, some reinforcements - for the Anglo-Norman army that is.

I've used this week to get a couple more bases of troops done. These were not the planned output and indeed are not so critical as those I'd hoped to get done. However my best-laid plans had to be changed, as I'm still awaiting a Perry Miniatures order of a few weeks ago, partly as the new later medieval castings were delayed and as they were short on stock of the AO codes I need to finish both French men at arms bases and Scots & French command bases.

Pictured here are a couple more men at arms and some longbowmen skirmishing, the latter intended to cover the extremes of the English battles. Men at Arms are mix of Perry and Oliver James designed and home-cast figures, and are meant to represent some of the many Norman noblemen who fought within Bedford's army at Verneuil. The longbowmen are last of Oliver's collection based up, alongside Perry and Foundry figures, with a couple of plastic bows from the WotR box set replacing the cast-on weapons.

I've mounted the bases on clear plastic trays that I have - very nice pieces available from the Oshiro website - which I'm planning to put all the figures on for the Salute game, to create 100mmm frontages for them to be used with Impetus rules.

Hopefully the arrival of my order is imminent...

Saturday 19 March 2011

The English baggage is defended!

I've finished some figures to defend the baggage encampment for the Verneuil game.

These are a hot-potch of leftovers; Foundry, Perry and Citadel figures, all of which have been dipped for expediency of time and a few longbowmen from Oliver's collection (which are nicely handpainted). Just about enough figures for the game I hope.

The encampment will also surround tents, some non-combatants and the like.

Wednesday 16 March 2011

Scots for Verneuil

Pictures of the last spearmen for the Scots contingent based up and ready; these were painted for me by Jim Bowen and are mostly Perry Miniatures (with plastic bucklers and targes added from the Perry Mercenaries box) with some older Citadel figures in the command group.

As previously posted, Scottish mercenaries were supplied under an agreement made in 1419 by the uncrowned Charles VII. They provided large numbers for the Armagnac forces at Verneuil and suffered heavy losses in the defeat according to the chroniclers.
Flags are by GMB (Douglas) and free download (French arms).
More figs on the way very soon...

Friday 4 March 2011

Armagnacs (part trois)

Ok, so my blog entries are going to be coming along in dribs and drabs, as I gradually get things finished off for the Salute game. Not an auspicous entry for my 50th on this blog, which I'd had plans to do something a little special, but never mind.

I've completed the basing up of four more Armagnac men at arms. Most of these had been painted many months ago and had been confined to a box, awaiting the release of relevant commercially produced flags to use. As this hasn't happened yet, I've had to press into service whatever flags I have and have added a couple of freshly painted figures I've managed to do this week.

The leading knights bearing heraldry are (from the left) Jean de Gamaches, Poton d'Xaintrailles and Ambroise de Lore, all of whom were Armagnac captains in the 1420s but who are known to have fought in engagements later then Verneuil, mainly in the campaigns of Jean d'Arc.

A final four bases of French men at arms are nearly completed and will be posted soon.