Friday 25 November 2011

French Crecy knights

I've recently purchased a new PC and when searching through my files, I found these pics that I'd taken some years ago. I thought I'd stretch the time period for this blog and little and post them up. Afraid they are older pics and I think if you click on them they'll be Ok to view?
They are French knights, from the earlier part of the Hundreds Years War, from a army that I started and completed these knights and a crossbow unit, but then never finished. They are Games Workshop Bretonnian figures from the 1990s; possibly still available second-hand now, Perry brothers sculpts I believe and one of the earlier renditions of plastic horses - which look a bit bulky by today's standards but which created nice flat surfaces for applying heraldry.
All are handpainted- 'twas a time before Steve Hales brought us all relief through pre-printed shield transfers etc. I think I added the crown to the helm of the French king figure too - probably the most complex bit of sculpting work I've done with green stuff (not sure how!). Perhaps one day I'll return to do the foot figures...but not sure if the eye sight can manage it these days!!

Friday 18 November 2011

Wargames Illustrated Special

Just a quick post to say that WI magazine has published it's first 'special', entitled Great Wargames. This is essentially a glossy, full of pics of games that they've photographed over the last couple of years, probably since the current ownership.
There are two for the medieval period - the Verneuil 1424 game at this years Salute and Tewkesbury 1471 from last years show, which Michael Perry put on (and to which I modestly contributed some figures & encampment and played in the game).
Lots of eye candy here for other games, over a broad range of periods - WI were kind enough to send me a sample copy several weeks ago - good reference material and inspiration for future projects perhaps. Not sure if this is going to be available in WH Smiths or only by mail order?
I will gradually continue to add to this blog and my HYW armies, but work commitments and focus on my Burgundians (over on the other blog) are taking up my spare time at the moment.
Cheers for now.