Thursday 1 March 2012

Claymore Castings - sample figures

Dave Imrie very kindly sent me a couple of samples of the Claymore Castings figures, covering the Anglo-Scottish wars at the end of the fourteenth century, the first releases of which are imminently going to be on sale. I painted these last week, but a BT fault on telephone line here meant that I've had no internet connection for a few days and so couldn't post as planned.

The pictures are taken under a desk lamp and some of the details of my paintwork has been lost ('ll have to take my word for it...!). They are great sculpts (by Paul Hicks); highly detailed, wonderfully animated and very clean castings. I'm going to employ them as an additional Scots spear bloc for my HYW, although the attire will be slightly out-of-date for the 1420s. They are easy figures to paint up and I'm thinking about doing a couple of simple head swaps to 'age' them a little to fit with the rest of my army. Height wise they'll look Ok next to the Perry figures, although the sculpting style is somewhat different of course.