Thursday 27 August 2009

work in progress

Just a quick update to confirm that there's still life in this here blog and that some painting progress has been made during the family fortnightly vacation to France. However painting al fresco was an interesting and challenging experience, not usually encountered in the UK climate. My main problem was to find sufficient shade and then to cope with the glare of sunlight, plus the problem of paints drying out in the heat - still not something I need to concern myself with now I'm back to the dull and damp British summer!

Pics above are in progress shots - Joan of Arc (nearly complete) and a French knight who'll be part of the same vignette (along with some monks marvelling at the visionary maid!) - the latter has a simple head swop to provide a little variety. The plan is that he'll represent sire de Kermoysan, 'Le Bourgeois' (the Burgess) who has heraldry of 7 white scallops on a red background (wish me luck!). Also the French crossbows completed on aforesaid break.

Looking at these has made me realise how much the final basing really 'finishes' my own figures. I've read many views on when a figure really comes 'to life' and for me the seachange occurs at the basing stage, when everything seems to fall into place. I often feel that i spend too long on basing, in proportion to the figures, but then again it's probably time well spent.

When these are completed, I'll post more pics.