Wednesday 21 January 2009

A tale of two heralds

My Christmas present to myself, as a contribution to this project, was to purchase a really beautifully painted herald. The model is done by Steve Dean, who is a pro-painter, and was obtained via e-bay. I had already painted the same figure, from the Perrys' Henry V command pack, so I've put the two aside each other here. Both will be used, behind the battlelines in respective armies, striding admist the encampmants. Steve has achieved some lovely yellow shades on the herald's houppelande and the horse appears to be done in oils, with the 'paint and wipe' method, whereas I've built up the colours. I will need to rebase him (and complete the basing on mine) to fit in with my stuff, which will need to be a gently-does-it operation.

Pontoise Militia contingent

My second urban pavise contingent completed for the French; Pontoise with pavise transfers courtesy of LBM. Another 4 base unit, with a supporting second rank of crossbowmen and a handgunner base. Flag is yet to be added. This will be the last passive French unit, the remainder will be advancing - all I need now is a means of making/obtaining a plentiful supply of arrows for them to be wading through.

Still not happy with the sharpness of my photos, although I have the 'close up' setting on, its a tad disappointing to put in the effort with the brushwork and then for it not to show up on the web - ho hum.

Progress is being (slowly) made on a number of fronts - some English men at arms and medieval village buildings and 'backyards'. Must concentrate on completing units before starting others....