Wednesday 21 January 2009

Pontoise Militia contingent

My second urban pavise contingent completed for the French; Pontoise with pavise transfers courtesy of LBM. Another 4 base unit, with a supporting second rank of crossbowmen and a handgunner base. Flag is yet to be added. This will be the last passive French unit, the remainder will be advancing - all I need now is a means of making/obtaining a plentiful supply of arrows for them to be wading through.

Still not happy with the sharpness of my photos, although I have the 'close up' setting on, its a tad disappointing to put in the effort with the brushwork and then for it not to show up on the web - ho hum.

Progress is being (slowly) made on a number of fronts - some English men at arms and medieval village buildings and 'backyards'. Must concentrate on completing units before starting others....

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