Sunday 18 November 2012

Burgundians for Cravant (I)

So after a hiatus I have some completed Hundred Years War figures. These are the first of a few contingents that will be required to supplement my existing collection, to enable us to put on the proposed demo game of Cravant 1423 at next year's Salute in London.

First up are Burgundians to fight alongside their English allies. These are pavisers, using the Perry AO range of figures. Figures painted by Jim Bowen, to which I've added the pavises and the basing. I've used plastic pavises from the Perry's Mercenaries box - partly as I have a large number of them and partly as I wanted to use the wonderfully detailed LBMS transfers. These designs are for the Burgundian Ordonnance army of Charles the Bold rather than for that of Philip the Good; there's no evidence that I'm aware of that the St Andrew's cross and steel with flints devices were used before the dukedom of Charles. However they look great and they'll help identify the troops on the tabletop from the French and English.

I have some accompanying men at arms nearly done, so will post these soon along with some thoughts on the battle, as well as the 'to do' list to represent the battle for Salute 2013.

Monday 12 November 2012

Hudson and Allen castle hoardings

Just a quick posting for anyone interested in enhancing their own Hudson and Allen castle walls. I've just discovered that Ben at Vatican Enterprises has just released some birch wood laser cut hoardings, for all their resin wall sections and towers. They look very good and certainly are a great way of replicating medieval defensive wallings - lovely additions to some of the best medieval buildings currently available in my humble opinion.

I've purchased from Vatican in the US on several occasions and can attest to their excellent service and safe delivery of trans-Atlantic items to the UK. It also appears that the H&A castle walls and gate have been re-catalogued, so that many can now be purchased as separate items.

All pictures are from Vatican Enterprises website.

I'll be along shortly with some more HYW postings - there is work in progress for the planned Cravant game for 2013 Salute.