Friday, 26 November 2010

Armagnacs (Part Deux)

Well, any of you who may just have been patiently awaiting the follow up to the last Armagnac blog entry ( December 2009) I can tell you that your perseverance has finally been rewarded!

Here are another group of eight bases of French Armagnacs, representing noblemen, men at arms and their retainers advancing on the English formations. Pictures are a bit dark, due to the lack of natural light here today. These are all Perry figures and were either painted by me (some months ago now) or Oliver James. The delay was not a planned anniversary blog entry from the last one or down to my usual lethargy, but primarily due to an absence of suitable flags and happily I've purchased some of the recent GMB Designs and used them here.

I did a little work on the mounted figure of the Bastard of Orleans; the casting wears a soft hat, and as as I wanted him to be more dynamically leading I simply exchanged this for a visored helm (a Mirliton casting I think, which is lacking a little in crisp detail however the overall effect seems to work OK). I also changed the GMB French coat of arms flag by painting on a label argent and a bend sable for the Bastard's arms, which are very finely sculpted on the casting.

I have a final number of almost completed French to finish off; hopefully amounting to six or eight more bases - once again they'll have to await a supply of related flags.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Absolutely wonderful looking force you have there!


Sire Godefroy said...

Wonderful painting and great spirit with this unit again. I stand in awe viewing your collection again and again.


Ray Rousell said...

Beautifully painted figures!!

Anonymous said...


Giles said...

These are fantastic - a very characterful (and colourful) group. I've just finished Bernard Cornwell's "Azincourt" (not half as bad as I'd expected, given its reviews) and pics like these are making it difficult to resist the period!

Best wishes


Ubique Matt said...

Great looking set of figures.

painterman said...

Thanks for all your kind words guys.
Giles - I started Cornwell book, but then purchased Anne Curry's Agincourt, which is an academic approach and found that more to my tastes. However may go back to it if I need some inspiration!