Friday 12 November 2010

Henry - Triumphant

This is my after-the-battle vignette for Henry V.

The mounted Henry and Sir Thomas Erpingham are actually the first figures from the Perrys AO range that I painted up, probably over 3 years ago, when I purchased them just with the intention only of "it'll be nice to paint and base up that lovely command set" whilst I'm doing something else. Here I am many months later finally finishing them off, with the bulk of an English army and part-completed French one behind me... ho hum!

The only interloper here among the Perrys is another Citadel Bretonnian, who seems to play a regular role as the enthusiastic banner bearer, this time holding the Holy Trinity banner that Henry had at Agincourt. This and the English Royal arms are from the LBMS HYW flag sheet.


Yarik said...

Good pain work!:)

Stuart said...

This period was what first got me, and many others no doubt, into wargaming and painting, stunning work.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Lovely work!


honkingweasel said...

fantastic painting, a really lovely commmand set, full of drama

Giles said...

Awesome, a beautiful diorama.

Bedford said...

This is a real piece of theatre Simon and a great composition!

Needless to say I absolutely love it!