Saturday 21 February 2015

First plastics for Salute game

I've started work bulking out both armies for the Agincourt demo game at Salute in April. These have been painted using ink washes and highlights restricted to some areas only, and no bowstrings added, to 
help speed things up. All the basing will be done as a single task once the figure painting is all done.

These are all Perry plastics from the new Agincourt English box – although the men at arms will be used as French, alongside a few metal colleagues and retainers. I particularly like the plastic men at arms – very well defined mouldings, with minimal cleaning up required and which are easy to paint. They take ink washes well over a silver base coat, followed by a  silver drybrush; before the leather, cloth and any gilding details are picked out. A few longbowmen have had pairs of arms attached from the WotR box, to produce differing poses, which seem to work OK, despite the bows being a tad shorter. 

You need to take immense care however when removing some of the arms and weapons from the sprue – even with a new scalpel I have had polearm shafts snap. Whilst those exquisitely made visors are also a challenge to clean up and attach, after you’ve dropped them on the floor and spent time finding the little b*ggers again! Useful to add spare visors to some of the metal figures though, to produce a bit more variety.

Plenty more to be done – this month I will largely be painting French men at arms….

Monday 2 February 2015

Agincourt at Salute 2015

Just a quick update. The good news is that the Lance and longbow Society have had a table confirmed for Salute 2015 to put on a demo game for Agincourt.

I've been sorting out what needs to be done in the next 12 weeks, to ensure that the armies are adequately represented to put on a decent looking game for those attending - both players and visitors.

The 'essentials' list currently shapes up as this:
- Casualty Markers - mainly for the French(!) - starting with this chap above who I painted up over Christmas.
- French dismounted knights and men at arms - hopefully using a mix of Perry metals and plastics.
- English bowmen - to ensure there are goodly numbers of the 'battle winning weapon', although not to the apparent ratio of 5:1 in the actual army.
- Commander vignettes and banners - to represent the main leaders on the day.
- Terrain - a couple more boards to be done.

To meet the schedule some of the painting may be completed 'at speed', but better to ensure the figures are on the table. I have some other possibles too, should time allow.

More to come as I make some progress...