Friday 4 March 2011

Armagnacs (part trois)

Ok, so my blog entries are going to be coming along in dribs and drabs, as I gradually get things finished off for the Salute game. Not an auspicous entry for my 50th on this blog, which I'd had plans to do something a little special, but never mind.

I've completed the basing up of four more Armagnac men at arms. Most of these had been painted many months ago and had been confined to a box, awaiting the release of relevant commercially produced flags to use. As this hasn't happened yet, I've had to press into service whatever flags I have and have added a couple of freshly painted figures I've managed to do this week.

The leading knights bearing heraldry are (from the left) Jean de Gamaches, Poton d'Xaintrailles and Ambroise de Lore, all of whom were Armagnac captains in the 1420s but who are known to have fought in engagements later then Verneuil, mainly in the campaigns of Jean d'Arc.

A final four bases of French men at arms are nearly completed and will be posted soon.


James said...

Lovely work! I like the heraldry on the tabards, very well executed. Those lions and eagles are not easy especially on irregular surfaces.

Ubique Matt said...

Really great painting - even if they are frenchies!


Unknown said...

As a De Lor myself, I am very interested in the figure of Ambroise and how you came up with that depiction of him. If you wouldn't mind sharing you can reach me at Thank you.