Monday 26 July 2010

Scots (II)

The remainder of the Scots, that I began posting in December last year ; these being archers and men at arms. As previously notes it appears that larger numbers of bowmen were deliberately hired among the Scottish levies recruited in the 1420s to counter the English successes.

The figures are a mix of Perrys and Citadel Brettonians, which go together quite well (as they are from the same designers). The Citadel figures are based on the armour and attire of an earlier phase of the HYW, however I've used them on an assumption (completely unfounded in any records) that the Scottish captains raised troops for the wars in France, from among the less-affluent tiers of society, who could not afford the latest in arms and armour ( for me anyway!). Also I've purposely used a high proportion of figures weilding axes and two-handed swords for the men at arms, based on the entirely anachronistic visual reference to Celtic Gallowglass and highlanders.
Figures are painted by Jim Bowen, Oliver James and myself, flags from Freezywater. The heraldry, either on flags or surcoats, includes Thomas Blair, Edward Lennox, William Stewart and the earl of Angus.
A holiday-induced hiatus will now follow...
...oops, have realised that couple of pics are a tad blurry - sorry (will re-shoot after hols)


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Lovely array of arms!


Jehan said...

Nice minis as usual !

I hope seing all your armies one day !



Stuart said...


These look great, a good uniform feel for the contingent too, with a few saltires scattered about, nice units. Are there a couple of conversions in there aswell?


Sire Godefroy said...

Excellent addition. Sadly those old Bretonnians are hard to come by round here. They obviously make up for a great HYW unit. Any chance to show the whole army 'on parade' here? Must be a blast.


Bedford said...

Ah, this is where you have been loitering Simon :O)

Great looking units- I love the miniature choices for the Scots bowmmen.

I'll be in touch soon re: your last e-mail ASAP. I've got a lot to do for Claymore this weekend.


Giles said...

A wonderful sight - beautiful painting, as always.

Best wishes