Wednesday 22 June 2011

Haut Koenigsbourg - II

Some images from inside the outer walls of the castle. It comprises of a series of buildings that were developed over time during the middle ages, built on from the original tower keep. The inner defences include several small drawbridges which seal off sections of the buildings and numerous loopholes and firing points for gunpowder weapons. Most of the walls have covered wooden parapets built on the inside.

The inner rooms that are open to walk around include a hall, bedrooms, chapel and kitchen. The romantic notions of the middle ages are reflected in the decor, including scenes of military actions and medieval figures bearing coats of arms of past noble families from the region in both carved form and in the stained glass. A prominent coat of arms is that of the Von Thierstein family, shown here over a doorway, whose ancestor Oswald fought for the Lorrainers at the battle of Nancy in 1477 against Charles the Bold. The carving of the knight is one of the few original decorative pieces that remain from the castle and was replaced in situ at the foot of the inner staircase.

A few more pics to come...


Hendrid said...

Very interesting photos there again. Certainly good inspiration.

Scribbleworks Publications said...

What a find. I've been looking for photos that were taken within the castle. Do you have any more? I live in the US and cannot make the trip over to France to enjoy the castle first hand. I'm writing a series of books and I almost done the second novel. A big part of the ending takes place at that castle and I'm struggling with specific aspects of the interior of the castle. If you have anymore photos, about the main stair case or more of the wall paintings, I would be most grateful.

Patrick Meservier