Sunday 28 August 2011

Verneuil at Partizan II next week

Darrell Hindley, myself and others from the Lance & Longbow Society will be putting on the Verneuil 1424 game again, at the Partizan show in Newark, next Sunday 4th September. The Lance and longbow Society and the Society of Ancients have kindly collaborated to 'pool' their table space for the game. We should therefore be able to use all my terrain tiles and have a slightly wider table - "ooh feel the width!"

I have nearly finished some extra bits for the table, in addition to the casualties and vignettes already posted. Pictured here are a town market (a nice Total Battle Miniatures resin casting), some additional men at arms and heralds (painted by Jim Bowen and based by me) and a few individual figures plus baggage bits are at the varnish/basing stage, which will be in the English camp or the town. These have been a bit of a struggle for me to finish, as my focus is now firmly switching to my 1470s Burgundian Wars armies.

From my past experience the Partizan shows are always a very sociable affair; with participants and traders willing to take time out to chat and there are some nice looking games and collections on show. So if you're planning to be there please do come along and say 'hi', as it'll be great to put faces & names to avatars!

Hope to see you there.


Brewdad said...

Sounds great! Sadly I won't be able to make it to Partizan this time - sure it'll be great though. I saw the pictures in Wagames Illustrated and they looked brilliant. Must be nice to see all your hard work come together!

Phil Robinson said...

It will be nice to see this, looked great at Salute, but as with with all games there it was sucked up soul eaters of Excel. It will be nice to view it in more intimate surroundings.