Friday 12 June 2009

French Men at Arms (I)

The first completed French men at arms, 8 bases. Wanted to try and achieve sense of some movement with these figures as they advance in chaotic manner towards the English, under arrow fire on the verge of making contact for melee.

The figures are a mix of dismounted knights with their retainers, alongside some professional soldiers raised for the campaigns. The heraldry on the knights has been researched as pertinet to the Henrician campaigns in Normandy and northern France following Agincourt and I'll add a note to the underside of each base re the actual figures portrayed. Total of 24 bases planned and next figures for basing-up are underway.

All figures are Perrys - with a couple of older Citadels sneaked in - flags are GMB (have used the smaller version of the 2 per sheet from GMB for the dismounted figures and larger will be for mounted figures or command vignettes) and arrows chez moi.


WABit said...

Really lovely sense of movement Simon. I think our armies have to meet over the table one day...... it only seems fair to the mini's



Anonymous said...

A lot of movement-very convincing.


Giles said...

Wow! Very dramatic composition and excellent painting, as usual.

Best wishes


airhead said...

Great looking units, love the in action look.



Sire Godefroy said...

Most impressive unit! I really love your approach to stage miniatures to make them look as real men with lots of movement. Very refreshing!


painterman said...

Thanks for all the kind words - keeps me motivated for the next ones...

Unknown said...

Greetings Painterman
Names Tom, I am a Warbow Archer and
Follower of Traditional English Medieval Archery.
This Really is Inspiring Stuff!!!
Arrows in sheilds, the chaos of the charge captured in great detail.
If only the museums had displays of the same quality?
Look forward to the next peice
Cheers Tom

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Hey this is very nice,I love all the banner work and the sense of rushing forward makes you almost hear the screams and armor creaking.Wonderful!