Friday 1 May 2009

bows and arrows

Here are the arrows that i've had cast up - excellent service by the way from the
Pic shows the two types of sprues that I made in their raw casted state; they are intended to be stuck into bases where troops are attacking longbowmen - mainly for HYW but I'll also use for my Swiss army. Second pic shows how they can be used to add some variety on figures by adding them for 'ready to loose' figures - have also added bowstrings with some thin metal thread found in Hobbycraft (in UK).
I have plenty of arrow castings at the moment(!), so if anyone's interested I'd be happy to sell you some for a nominal fee to cover my costs.

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Traveller said...

Hi there,

do you still have some of those arrows for sale? I would like to buy some. Please contact me at