Monday, 26 October 2009

Longbowmen (II)

A small contingent of English longbowmen defend the crossing point of a tributary of the Seine, somewhere in Normandy.
The remainder of the English longbowmen for now; another 9 bases completed here. I'd like to do another three to take the total to 18 and so retain the 3:1 ratio with the men-at-arms. Figures painted by me and Jim Bowen on a roughly 50-50 split. Couple of older Citadels tucked in amongst the ranks including two plastics (before the current plastic 'renaissance'). The commander figure is Sir John Harrington (whose 19th century descendant appears to have invented the water closet!) who I've used as I had the GMB flag! Another St George flag is to be added to these for completeness. The terrain board is made by Keith at Realistic Modelling Services, who has a top-notch product.
Bases with defensive stakes are still to be completed.


WABit said...

They look great mate.

Like the terrian too.



CJP said...

Very nice! I may have missed this before- are they based for WAB, or Impetus, or something else?

They look great and continue to inspire. :)

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very,very nice!

painterman said...

CJP - they are based for no specific rules, i just wanted to do bases that have some latitude for poses etc. Plan is to combine in pairs for go at Impetus (using 100x50mm bases).