Tuesday 27 October 2009

Bedford at Ivry 1424

John duke of Bedford was Henry V's oldest surviving brother, following the deaths of the King and the duke of Clarence. In Henry VI's minority Bedford became Regent of France and as such led the war effort and secured the significant victory at Verneuil in 1424.
The chronicler Jehan de Waurin, one of the key sources for the wars, was in attendance with the English army that year and describes Bedford when the English army besiged the town of Ivry in August. He wore a specially made surcoat, bearing the combined red cross of England and the white cross of France, signifying to all in attendance and behind the walls of the town, his legitimacy as Regent of the two countries, now legally combined following the Treaty of Troyes.
I'm assuming that he continued to wear this for the remainder of that year (at least) and so have made some marginal modifications to one of the Perry commanders to re-create Bedford. I decided to put the French cross on blue (although many contemproary illustrations show it on red) to create some contrast. The figure in the middle of the base is a lovely figure sculpted by the 'count of wymborn' on Steve Dean's website; others are Perrys.


Sire Godefroy said...

I think you did a fabulous job again. In particular the guardsmen look very good. Can't go wrong with gilded armour! ;) And the newly sculpted one is a neat addition - how did you get him? Looks like he might be easily converted into a German knight of the 1440s in 'box-shaped armour'.


Jehan said...

Really nice as usual!! :)

painterman said...

Thanks for the comments.
SG - the figure was purchased from the designer, who goes under name of 'count of wymborn' on Steve Dean's forum. Based on Osprey illustration I think. Am sure you can ask if he has castings left - there are 4 Men-at-arms he's done in all and they have exquisite details. Best of luck.