Sunday 22 May 2011

Vignettes et al

I've been using up some of the remaining castings I have, to create a couple of vignettes and another marker.

The first is a man at arms uttering a prayer for his own salvation at a wayside shrine; perhaps citing 'Charlemagne's Prayer' which was a popular one with noblemen and soldiers for their personal safety during the fifteenth century. The shrine is a model railway item from a Faller HO scale chapel kit. The marker portrays the earl of Salisbury, one of the English contingent leaders at Verneuil; the flag is by GMB Flags.

The other vignette is a mounted man at arms with retainers surveying the field of battle. Two of the foot soldiers are older Citadel figures from the Bretonnian bombard set, which was proably released originally in the 1990s, with the ramrod hand drilled out to carry a seperate flag - so that I can therefore adapt for either side (as pictured) whilst the other has been positioned holding the reins of his lord's horse. Again their attire is out of date, but they're nice figures that seem to fit well together as a small group

Plan is now to move onto to add some non-combatant/civilian types for the town and elsewhere.


Brewdad said...

All awesome - particularly like the praying man at arms though! Really nice narrative in a little piece.

Giles said...

Beautiful painting, Simon. The pieces fit together so well I'm sure most people (including myself) would not be aware of any out of date armour!


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very nice work as always and really like this little additions to battlefields.


Anonymous said...

Those are as always, a TOP job :-)


count of wymborn said...

really nice i like the salisbury one

Curt said...

I very much like these. They add such character to a tabletop. I'm particularly partial to the praying figure at the shrine - simple but quite evocative. Well done.