Sunday, 21 July 2013

History Live event - some images.

Warning - there will be pictures on this posting that are not of things medieval!

Not much activity on this blog since the Salute game I'm afraid - although there may well be some HYW developments coming along in the longer term. So this is interim post with some of the pictures I took this weekend at the 'History Live!' event at Kelmarsh, which is my neck of the woods or thereabouts. Bit of a dull, cloudy days for taking good pictures.

It seemed a slightly smaller event that a couple of years ago when I last attended - perhaps fewer traders and some groups appeared to be absent (but I guess they make rotate around their attendance?). Pictures are in no particular order - other than as I happened to take them. Perhaps a few familiar faces somewhere in amongst them?


Dalauppror said...

Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing !

Good to see that the perrys got some time left over for some WotR reenactment and artillery shooting:9

Best regards Michael

Phil said...

Very nice pics, looking like a great event!

Vinnie said...

Fantastic images and looks like it was a great day.