Friday, 31 January 2014

Medieval cottage - completed.

The completed cottage for my medieval figures - to be used with my HYW and Burgundians. I'm happy with the finished piece, as I usually prefer figure painting but it's been fun to do. However the sculpted details on the Hudson and Allen buildings are so good that it makes the task a lot easier to look authentic.

I've added plenty of foliage - using John Boadle's work as my reference points - which hopefully helps give the buildings and fences a sense of being well established. I can get three of my 60mm square bases, i.e. a single unit, into the enclosure as planned. The barrels, baskets and tools etc are a mix of stuff which I had lying around to use. Beehives seem to have come out OK.

 "So what's that Eddie Grundy been up to this week then?"

 "Just checking on the bees, honey"

"Now, did I lock the front door?"

I've a couple more H&A buildings left to do as another small farm, but will come back to them another time.


Dalauppror said...

Very impressive work !!!

Greate paint work! Love all the details you addad to bring it all to life !

Thank you very much !

Best regards Michael

Ubique Matt said...

That is a lovely looking set of models, beautifully executed.


Jehan said...

Woooooooooow this is awesome Simon ! Congratulations.

Stuart said...

Oh my goodness, you never fail to impress Simon and as usual it's the attention to detail that makes it all the better.

The beehives, the blue patterning on the jug and usual thoughtful composition, it really shows that you've enjoyed putting this together and taken time to express the period elements.

Excellent stuff.


Phil said...

Beautiful, just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done :-)


Moiterei_1984 said...

Absolutely outstanding work!

Sam Wise said...

splendid !! I've painted some buildings from H&A and they are really good (even if sometimes the chimneys on the roofs are missing !)

Fire at Will said...

Looking forward to seeing it tomorrow at Vapa


Sam Wise said...

I like a lot !
The wood effect is perfect : I've never used grey for the wood but I think that it's better than the brown I've accustomed to use...
I will try !
I think that I will buy some other Hudson and Allen buildings !

Chrisfigurines said...

They are just fantastic, beautifully painted. I love the colours you have used to paint these, it has given them a very authentic look!