Saturday 2 April 2016

French Knights - reinforcements update

I have reached a 50-up stage for the French foot knights for the Agincourt game at RAGE on 23 April - so on track with the extra figures I've planned and just a few more to do.

All are plastic Perry Miniatures from the French Infantry and Agincourt Foot Knights boxes and all painted in the post-haste approach outlined in the last post. Any heraldry and decoration is kept to its simplest. This process seems to have worked OK; this is a personal best in terms of how many figures I've completed in a short period. I may even squeeze in a couple of other bits for the game. A deadline provides a great deal of focus!

The Perry French infantry box is an excellent addition, with loads of build options and I'm looking forward to using the remaining figures to build some crossbows and pavisers, sometime in the future.

More updates to follow....


Dilettante Gamer said...

They look great, Simon. Looking forward to reading about your speed method as I need to kick it up a couple of notches if I'm going to advance my Westeros project.

Breazer said...

Really great looking models. your painting is very crisp even though you say you did them in batches and would add more to them..i think they look really well done.

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