Wednesday 31 December 2008

Orleans Militia contingent

I have completed my first contingent - Orleans urban militia; a pavise and spear unit, bearing the city arms and the flag of the Duke of Orleans.

The city retained loyalty to the French Duaphin during the first half of the fifteenth century, being beseiged by the English for many months in 1429, an ambitous undertaking that the English were rather under-prepared for, as it was the second largest city of France and well fortified and supplied during the siege. Famously the sige was lifted by the Jeanne d'Arc and the retreating English defeated at Patay.

The figures have been painted in a red and blue city colours, although not uniformily. Pavises are LBM transfers and flag is GMB. I've added a base of 'shot', on the assumption that rich city like Orleans would have had some numbers of handguns.

I have already broken my 'golden rule', as the figures are passive - rather than the planned advancing poses for the French. I will add another standing militia unit, possibly mixed with crossbows and handguns, and another two attacking milita contingents - have to use up all those lovely LBM pavise designs!

Next up, some Franch mounted men at arms.

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