Sunday, 15 February 2009

The English (II)

Brief update on the English; five bases of men at arms now completed. Three more are planned. Figures are Perrys with a couple of older Citadel Brettonians converted as flagbearers. Flags included for John, Duke of Bedford (Henry V's brother, died 1435), Sir Gilbert Umfraville (killed at Bauge 1421), William de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk (d 1450) and Edward Mortimer, Earl of March (d1425). These flags by GMB. The standard is from LBMS, and I've failed to date to identify which English nobleman is it - would welcome any thoughts please.


Ubique Matt said...

Hi Painterman,

Very nice blog. I believe the featured standard is one of the two personal standards of Henry V, the first royal to adopt the motto “Dieu et mon droit”, the other standard featured the white swan of Bohum and gold tree stumps of Woodstock.

The antelope and swan badges were both derived from Henry mother’s family, the Bohums, who I believe were the Earls of Hereford. One member of this family, Henry de Bohun, famously managed to stop Robert the Bruce’s axe with his head at the Battle of Bannockburn.

There s a black & white image of the standard in Osprey’s Men At Arms 113 The Armies of Agincourt (Page 18).


painterman said...

Hi, have only just noticed your kind info that you supplied - many thanks. As its Henry's standard it'll be exchnaged at a future date, when I do a command stand for Henry V. Cheers!