Monday 30 August 2010

La Journee

Just a quick post to promote Darrell Hindley's new blog.

Darrell and I are planning to put on a demo game in 2011, for the battle of Verneuil, Bedford's victory of 1424 using some of the figures that I've been posting here and Darrell's started a blog covering both the historical side as well as showing his great figures that he's painting for the game.
The title of the blog relates to the arranged battle site and date that was agreed between Bedford's Anglo-Norman forces and Alencon's Armagnacs. I'm sure he'll explain more on that in subsequent posts.

It promises to be great blog to follow.


Stuart said...

Hi Simon

This looks great, and an excellent pairing I might add, this bloging malarchy leads you to all sorts of places! Looking forward to your combined efforts and musings.


Bedford said...


Thanks for mentioning my blog.

I'm very much looking forward to working with you on this project. I think we have the right attitude to putting on a demo and we are certainly both passionate about late Medieval wargaming to make this a success.


painterman said...

Thanks, me too.
I'll send you another mail (to your home address) with some more musings re the game asap.