Saturday 10 December 2011

Medieval Chapel - completed

The finished model - constructed and painted - with a figure to show overall dimensions.
Overall I'm pleased with it; it'll serve the purpose I want of an additional model to place on the table and add some visual interest, that I can employ with my HYW and Burgundian-Swiss. The stonework is primarily Pelikan Plaka Yellow Brown, with black added for the initial undercoat and then grey and white added for the drybrushed highlights. Rendered walls are Vallejo Khaki, with white added for the highlighted layers. It'll get a quick spray of Coat d'Arms matt varnish to seal all the paintwork.


Richard said...

Nice work, a lovely conversion. The liquid green stuff ain't half bad!

Stuart said...

Lovely job, looking forward to spotting it in future vignettes.

Willie Anderson said...

Been watching this through the week turned out great!

Jehan said...
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Jehan said...

Once again, a really nice job Simon !


Sire Godefroy said...

That's exactly the piece of terrain which creates an unique atmosphere. Well thought and done! You wouldn't mind me using your idea for my Habsburger at Sempach, do you?