Monday, 2 February 2015

Agincourt at Salute 2015

Just a quick update. The good news is that the Lance and longbow Society have had a table confirmed for Salute 2015 to put on a demo game for Agincourt.

I've been sorting out what needs to be done in the next 12 weeks, to ensure that the armies are adequately represented to put on a decent looking game for those attending - both players and visitors.

The 'essentials' list currently shapes up as this:
- Casualty Markers - mainly for the French(!) - starting with this chap above who I painted up over Christmas.
- French dismounted knights and men at arms - hopefully using a mix of Perry metals and plastics.
- English bowmen - to ensure there are goodly numbers of the 'battle winning weapon', although not to the apparent ratio of 5:1 in the actual army.
- Commander vignettes and banners - to represent the main leaders on the day.
- Terrain - a couple more boards to be done.

To meet the schedule some of the painting may be completed 'at speed', but better to ensure the figures are on the table. I have some other possibles too, should time allow.

More to come as I make some progress...


Johns Miniatures said...

Well done! Great heraldry!

Pendragon Without said...

Good luck with this - I look forward to seeing it in April.

Ubique Matt said...

Your casualty markers look better than my main character figures! Good luck with the show, looking forward to following the progress.

Stuart said...

Assistant: check !

How do you like your coffee and is it ketchup or brown sauce on your sausage sandwich?

Ray Rousell said...

I'll look forward to seeing all the efforts at Salute in April.

Phil said...

Really excellent, love the heraldy job!

Unknown said...
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