Tuesday 12 April 2011

...and finally

I've thankfully completed all the items I have time to do for the Verneuil Salute game. On one hand I've been enthused by having a target to reach and so get my HYW armies to a state of oh-so-near completion, which may not have happened with agreeing to do the game with Darrell Hindley. On the other hand, what's been done has used up all my spare time (and some more) and there's been many moments of self doubt over getting things completed on time. I did fail to paint some planned casualty figures and I'd like to have had the town populated with some figures and vignettes.

These are just a hotch-potch of some that haven't fitted into any of the previous postings. The French man at arms about to be despatched is inspired by a Sasha Herm vignette. I added the chamfron with Magi Sculpt putty to the horse which is a Foundry casting and the billman started life as the Perry figure wielding a hammer from the 'Archers Preparing' pack, now with a headswop of a plastic sallet and the hammer replaced with a polearm. The heraldry on the horse barding is Baron d'Avrech, an Armagnac captain of the 1420's.

The knight arming is another Foundry group who's attire is most definetly earlier HYW, but he'll be tucked away in the camp somewhere - forever preparing and never getting the honour of fighting. The two larger tents are Baueda resins.

Two buildings have been blocked and dipped for speed. One is a Grand Manner medieval house and the other is a composite I put togther - using a lower storey from Grand Manner and the upper is the Hudson and Allen casting that's now provided with the fortified farm complex. The gothic corbels that support the (rather large) overhang are exquisite metal castings available from Antenociti (ex Freebooter).

Finally another base of armoured men at arms to get the Lombardy contingent upto a reasonable size.

Please say "hi" to Darrell and me at Salute if you're going and have time and/or sufficient orientation skills (!) to find the Lance and Longbow Society stand at GE06. I'll post some pics of the game next week.


Donogh said...

It's been wonderful to follow the project so far.
Looking forward to seeing everything in action
That first vignette is fantastic by the way

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

I wish I was able to attend salute to see your and Darrell's project in the flesh, but that's not possible and so I'm happy I at least had a chance to view it in some form on the blogs. Lovely work indeed.


Jehan said...

Unfortunately, I can't come at Salute.

Take a lot of pictures of the event.

And congratulations for all these wonderful miniautres.

Bedford said...

Beautifull stuff Simon!

BTW, 'tis not fair... I'm not finished :O)))


Sire Godefroy said...

Finishing all you've planned would leave you awfully bored afterwards, wouldn't it? ;-)
What you've achieved so far just shows you were aiming too high. That makes most certainly for an excellent and more than satisfying outcome.

Please keep us informed (with pretty pictures, of course!). In the meantime, I applaude you, sir!


Giles said...

This has a fantastic blog to follow over the past months. I'll certainly come and say hello, and take lots of nice photos of what muct be a contender for best game.


Brewdad said...

Great stuff mate, really inspiring. Wish I could make Salute to see it in person!

Stuart said...

All the best for the weekend Simon, your work has been an inspiration and a credit to the hobby.


painterman said...

Many thanks for all the generous comments.
Giles- I'm really not sure about the 'best game' - not an aspiration and as we've not yet laid out the game (I don't have room at home) I have a nagging concern that the amount of figures i have may look a little lost - we'll see on Saturday.
Will post some pics next week.

Charles said...

I thought that the Verneuil game looked terrific at Salute yesterday. Even better in the flesh than in your pics. Well done. It was also a great pleasure to meet you, even if only briefly.