Saturday 23 April 2011

New Plans

My original plan for after the Salute game was to return to my Burgundians. However bouyed by the great feedback etc, I'm now going to get the remaining castings I have for my 1420s HYW armies completed - whilst restricting myself to not buying any new castings - so I can draw a line under them. Hopefully this will be all done in the next couple of months.

This essentially amounts to painting some odds and ends, including some vignettes, a few more longbowmen (based as skirmishers), a contingent of brigands/armed locals (who I can use on either side) and casualty markers - the latter which I failed to get done for Salute and which we were in need of during the game on the day.

So first up, I've been fiddling with old Citadel castings to create a couple of men at arms en route. Like many others I'm a great hoarder of figures and these have been knocking around for years on the basis that "they'll come in handy one day", and so to justify my magpie-tendencies their day has arrived. These are inspired by Sire Godfrey's figures on a similiar theme. They are composites; old Citadel medieval figures (whose attire is of an earlier HYW period but never mind) on Perry horses with weapons and personal baggage items culled from other figures and a bit of sculpting putty added to assist them sitting better on the mounts. The barrel on the back of the left-hand mounted figure has since been replaced by a small plastic chest that I found I have. The chap on the right will be repainted (except or the horse).

I'll post them up when painted.


Sire Godefroy said...

Good to see you're not abandoning this fascinating project. I'm curious about your upcoming vignettes - lots of inspiration, I sense.

I hope you don't mind - in turn, so to speak - if I pinch your ideas for the riders' baggage? The helmet in particular adds a very nice touch.


Stuart said...

Yep yep, stick with the inspiration and paint as much as you can whilst it's still fresh, although I imagine the opportunity to return to a leisurely pace is most welcome.

Are there any designs upon future scenarios at all?