Tuesday 23 April 2013

Cravant game at Salute (I)

Here's some promised pictures of the Cravant game at last weekend's Salute. This is largely a posting of pictures of the initial set up of terrain and troops. I will then post another re how the game progressed; some pictures are already making their way on the web as people post their pics of the day. I also believe that there maybe a forthcoming article in Hobilar, the Lance and Longbow Society publication, re the refight.

Many thanks to fellow gamers from the society on the day, including George who guided us through Impetus ruleset. Also it was great to meet blog followers, both those known and previously unknown to me and for the complimentary comments you made.

Anyway, here are some photos...

 View from behind the Anglo-Burgundian lines, looking towards Cravant town walls

View along the Yonne river, with Cravant on the left bank.

The Yonne river from the other end of the table, with the bridge.

View of the French siege camp on the hill outside Cravant.

The earl of Salisbury's contingent form up.

Lord Willoughby on the English right-hand side, opposite the bridge and road to Cravant.

Two bombards inside the French palisaded encampment.

Inside the walls of Cravant.

The industrious miller continues at work, despite the imminent onslaught.

The large Scots contingent of Buchan, constable of France.

Traditional entertainment continues in the French camp.

The Scots assemble outside the siege camp.

The bridge over the Yonne, with the English forces arrayed for battle in the distance.

The French burying casualties from the siege, perhaps resulting from dysentery rather than combat.

More Hundred Years War hot fighting action shots to come soon....


LittleArmies said...

One of the stand-out games at Salute this year - particularly as we've been watching the effort put into producing the final result. I admire your dedication to producing the final result (I'm a real butterfly, flitting from one project to another) - you must be very proud of it.

NW Crew said...

This is beyond beautiful!
The lay out of the battlefield with the city, the besiegers, the bridge and the two opposing forces using all of the available area in balance is simply perfect.
The amount of details and quality in excecution is mindblowing.
To me this is what wargaming is all about. Congratulations on a beautiful set up and thanks for posting the pictures as I didn't have the opportunity to come and see it in person.

Richard said...

Fantastic work! It was great to catch up with you to talk about the project. I came away thinking if only I had more time to achieve my own projects! Thanks for sharing your wonderful collection.

Hendrid said...

Excellent looking game, worth all the effort that went into it, especially the bridge.

Look forward to hear how the game panned out.

BTW who lost their head and had it as a trophy in front of the L&L flag in the third last photo :-)

Sire Godefroy said...

Excellent setup, beautiful layout. Nothing to add, just very, very well done. Chapeau!

Cheers, SG

Dalauppror said...

Amazing pictures, lovely looking game !!!

Bedford said...

Absolutely stunning stuff Simon!

I am not ashamed to say that I am veritably green around the gills mate! I *so* wish I had been able to make it down to Salute :O(

A joy to see the pics :O)


Stephen said...

Truly excellent :-)

Stuart said...

Wow, truly excellent stuff Simon. Your efforts are a continuous source of inspiration and imagination. These demo games that you've done over the years are something to which i'm sure have contributed to enthusing fellow painters and hopefully attracting new people to the hobby or convincing some to return to a hobby they once loved (like me) Very well done !