Sunday 24 November 2013

New Perry AO Range greens

Here's something of a surprise - new greens on the Perry Miniatures workbench, for their Agincourt to Orleans rnage. These must be the first new sculpts for several years and although they always say that none of their ranges are ever 'completed', this is a bit unexpected - although most welcomed of course.

They are all peasants, some armed and unarmed (who can easily be armed using weapons from their plastics WotR these days) and appears to include youths.

Fingers crossed that some more may follow... looking forward to painting these.


Dalauppror said...

Indeed a glad supprise, looking forward to get them for my Kalmar Union War project.

best regards Michael

Sam Wise said...

look to be very nice figures !
it's not my scale but I like them !

Jehan said...

What a nice suprise, with the 600 years of the battle of Agincourt, maybe we could expect more new references. Great !

Steve h said...

i have ordered mine!