Monday 21 August 2017

Crecy at The Other Partizan.

So the game was played last Sunday. It was awarded Best Game, which was really pleasing for all of us who'd contributed to the game; Dave Andrews' English army and terrain (using his fantastic towelling method), Matt Bickley's unique conversions and detailed painting of the German nobility (including the blind King of Bohemia), and Dave Imrie's French nobility and crossbowmen (using many of his superb Claymore Castings).

We managed to get about 260 mounted knights on the table for the French - just slightly shy of the target - as sadly time ran out for other figures and vignettes that were either planned or prepared but not finished. As we'd not had a dry-run, it was a squeeze to get all the French on the table. Rather than reflect the staggered arrival of the French, we popped all them on the table from the start and played it from there. We will run the game again sometime, with a larger tabletop.

The crossbowmen' pavises stuck in the baggage wagons

We used Hail Caesar rules, with amends prepared for us by Jack Glanville - who heroically umpired and kept the momentum going, so we could play and chat.

Dave Andrews' brilliant Edward III command base

English right battle

English left battle
The brief narrative is that the mercenary crossbowmen followed their predecessors and retired after making some casualties on the English holding the Crecy-Wadicourt ridge. The German knights (led by Matt Bickley) on the left then attacked, but lost momentum on the pot-hole defences dug before the English line.

Initial set-up, ready to play.

The German knights advance

The crossbowmen retire and leave it to their social superiors!
On the French right the Prince of Navarre (David Imrie) led more charges by mounted knights, but again failed to make inroads and the French were attracting to loose contingents of knights, as they retired from heavy casualties. Finally the Germans broke through and forced the English 'battle' on it's right to fall back. Renewed French attacks on the centre with King Phillip (moi) and the right also won melees and pressure built on the English line. The English right and centre was eventually forced back and King Edward (Dave Andrews) was forced to concede and retire back to the Channel coast.

The German attack and breakthrough
Award and fellow Bodkins
An immensely enjoyable day - and rewarding for the other Bodkins who'd been building their collections with immense diligence and patience over several years - nice looking toys and great company from everyone round the table. Also great to catch up with those who came along for a chat.

I'll keep folk advised if and when we run it again - in the meantime look out for some proposed coverage in print and online in 'Wargames Illustrated' mag.

Just some pics from here on in.



Chrisfigurines said...

A magnificent display of well painted armies, on beautiful terrian, the kind of scene that got me painting little figures in the first place.

Willie Anderson said...

Fantastic looking game.

Independentwargamesgroup said...

It was a very beautiful game, as to be expected given the painting talent involved. I particularly was impressed by the King of Bohemia figure.

ghpainting said...

Thank you for those beautiful photos Simmon and congratulations for the beautiful game you and the rest of the Bodkins presented.

Phil said...

Stunning game, beautiful pictures and figures, congrats!

Aly Morrison said...

A wonderful looking game and a well deserved trophy.

All the best. Aly

Fire at Will said...

From the pictures I have seen fro the show a well deserved victory, so much inspiration.

Stuart said...

Inspiring stuff and as one who has painted this period I can really appreciate the effort put in. I'm really enjoying the output and great things the bodkins are creating, here's to many more adventures.

Jay White said...

The award was well deserved. A spectacular looking game!

Carlo said...

Beautiful looking game Simon and a more wonderful display of medieval figures would be hard to come by.

ghpainting said...

Oh and thanks for the close up of King Edwart base.

Oli said...

Certainly the best 14th century game I have ever seen, possibly the most impressive game I have ever seen full stop! 260 knights in heraldry, that is a terrifying amount of painting!

caveadsum1471 said...

Fantastic looking game, scenery and figures, the heraldry is fabulous!
Best Iain

ljr70 said...

Wow! Simply outstanding. Love to hear more about "towelling"

jimbibbly said...

Absolutely splendid spread Simon :-)



painterman said...

Thanks for all the great comments - I was the minor party in all of this.

The towelling terrain, is towels dyed green (in a couple of differing shades) and then glued to the boards, before a mix of stones, grit and flock is added in some parts. Sets hard and looks remarkably good - surprised that others don't follow this method?

Cheers all, Simon.

ljr70 said...

Thanks Simon I'll have to give it a go

Bluewillow said...

You guys have surpassed yourselves!


BigRedBat said...

Hi would it be OK for me to lift one of your Crecy photos for the cover of a set of PDF army lists I''m publishing shortly? They are super photos of a most memorable game, and I don't have anything as good. Ta, Simon

paulb said...

Hi All, I'm putting together a list of French knights that were at the battle of Crecy. Got about 80 so far and wondered if there is a comprehensive list anywhere. Can anyone please help / point me in the right direction ?
Paul B

Mariusz said...

That is amazing!! How big is this table?