Sunday, 19 April 2015

Casualty Markers

Both the HYW games I've put on have come up short - of casualty markers. I keep making a resolution to paint more and I've managed to complete a few for this year's Agincourt game.

They are a mix of Old Glory and Perrys - the former are actually for the earlier HYW period (circa 1350/60s) and are fairly rough casts by today's standards, but I had started them some months ago and so they'll serve their purpose for the game. They're supplemented by some arrows from Perrys WotR box, just in case.

More pics comin' soon.


Stephen said...

You know that they'll really add to the overall effect though :-)

Phil said...

Excellent job on these casualty markers, beautiful and realistic!

Oli said...

These look really nice, I'm looking forward to seeing the game next weekend.

Hobbyworker said...

Lovely Casualty marker sir.